Vibrosounding of the uppermost sea bottom by ship noise

V. E. Fedorov


Reconstruction of sea bottom elastic properties is important for theory and applications. The seismoacoustic radiation of a tug-ship in shallow water recorded by ordinary multichannel horizontal array of hydrophones is used to obtain experimental dispersion curves in a broad frequency band. Physical properties of seismoacoustic waves were used to extend the range of wavenumbers and to remove aliasing. Trial-and-error method was used to obtain shear wave velocities in two uppermost layers of the bottom. The depth of the first layer was also obtained. The paper establishes the possibility and illustrates the process of obtaining dispersion curves of surface waves in wide ranges of frequencies and wavenumbers and reconstructing shear wave velocities in the upper part of the bottom with the help of an ordinary array of hydrophones and radiation of a tug-ship. The result gives us a chance to get more information on the sea bottom structures from already existing data.

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Computational Seismology, Vol. 5.