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Main Window Filtering by FTAN  program

Location Toolbar.


   We define as location a directory containing FTAN output materials:
    a) subdirectory with cleaned wave forms;
    b) subdirectory with dispersion files;
    c) output tables (table.wfdisc related to cleaned records and tables related to dispersion  files);
    d) postscript files;
    e) subdirectory wfah contains  cleaned wave forms in ah format;
    f) subdirectory  wfascii  contains  cleaned wave forms in ah ascii format;
    g) subdirectory  dispascii  contains  dispersion files in ascii format.

    -  Create a new location. Correspondent menu option is Location->New and keyboard shortcut is  Ctrl+N.
    -  Open an existing location. Menu option is Location->Open and keyboard shortcut is  Ctrl+O.
    -   Save currently open location. Menu option is Location->Save and  keyboard shortcut is  Ctrl+S.
   -   Save the current location under a new name. Menu option is  Location ->Save as....
   -   Zoom in - increases the font size. Keyboard shortcut is Ctrl++.
   -   Zoom out - decreases the font size. Keyboard shortcut is Ctrl +-.
   -  Export of cleaned waveforms (in AH and/or AH ASCII format) and measured group velocities (ASCII file) into the selected directory. The menu option is Location->Export.        
   -  Close ftan. Menu option is Location->Exit and keyboard shortcut is  Ctrl+Q.

Main Window Filtering by FTAN  program

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