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Main Window Filtering by FTAN  program

Out Tab.

        The Out Tab first column " sta/rec " in the Central Area contains names of seismic stations and components of cleaned records. The second column "state" contains (a) the number of cleaned records for correspondent station, and (b) orbit number and the time of record creation. The creation time is given in format: dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm:ss.

        The Out Tab provides the tools for selected (saved) records deleting and for viewing of postscripts produced by FTAN during the record processing. To perform the deleting of any record click on this record by right mouse button, pop up menu will appear. Click on the item "delete". To view the postscripts click on the item "view ps", the window "View Postscript Dialog" will appear. This dialog window handling is described below in paragraph 4.15.


Main Window Filtering by FTAN  program

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