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The Menu Entries Filtering by FTAN  program
The Tools Menu Entries.

The keyboard shortcut is   (Alt+T). The following functions are available from the Tools menu:

Tools->Start (Alt+R)               -  Start FTAN processing.  

Tools->Wave (Alt+W)            - Plot selected wave forms.

Tools->Filter (Alt+I)                - Apply bandpass filtering to waveforms raw data.

Tools->Fta  (Alt+F)                 -  Start the performance of floating filtering.

Tools->Velocity  (Alt+V)        - View calculated group velocity curves.

  Tools->Amplitude  (Alt+A)    -  View cleaned and raw amplitude spectra.

Tools->Polarity  (Alt+P)           - View estimated polarization anomalies.

Tools->Image  (Alt+O)           - View cleaned and raw seismograms.

Tools->Overlay (Alt+I)          - View a FTAN diagrams for cleaned and raw records.

  Tools->Clean  (Alt+N)            -  Clean results of processing for chosen components.

  Tools->Save  (Alt+E)              -  Save results of processing.

  Tools->Draw Station Map  (Alt+T)    -   Draw map for distribution of all available stations (if the In Tab in the   main   window is shown) or draw map for distribution of stations correspondent to  saved  processed  records  (if  the Out  Tab  in  the  main window is shown).                                  

The Menu Entries Filtering by FTAN  program

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