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Exercise 1. Importing catalog from web site

1) Using your favorite Internet browser (e.g., Internet Explorer) open the URL http://www.ncedc.org/anss/catalog-search.html that will bring you to the Advanced National Seismic System (ANSS) global catalog search.

2) Make catalog search of magnitude 6 or larger earthquakes in 2002-2005: (a) use ANSS composite catalog (1898-present); (b) output catalog in readable format; (c) choose - Start date, time = 2002/01/01,00:00:00 ; End date, time = 2006/01/01,00:00:00 ; Min magnitude = 6.0 ; (d) send output to an anonymous FTP file on the NCEDC; (e) submit the request, wait, then download the output into ...\work directory. Specifically, click mouse right button on the output URL and Save target as catsearch.

3) Run CompiCat: (a) import catsearch (you may either use File->Import or Import button in the horizontal File bar at the top; (b) browse to the ...\work directory and open catsearch; (c) use File->Save as orSave as button in the horizontal File bar at the top to save the catalog in the CompiCat standard format (i.e., csf) as m6-2002-2005 in the ...\work directory.

In Appendix B of the manual you will find some other URLs to the earthquake catalogs available.

In the next exercises you will be using the catalogs already prepared for specific tasks that illustrate different modes and capabilities of the CompiCat program.


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