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Compilation Catalog Program

5.1 The File Menu.

The keyboard shortcut is   (Alt+F). The following functions are available from the File menu:

  File->Open ( Ctrl+O) - Open an existing catalog file.
  File->Import (Ctrl+I) - Import a catalog file.
  File->Save ( Ctrl+S) - Save currently open file.
  File->Save as ...   - Save the current file under a new name. 
 File->Save All ... - Save the catalog , project and protocolt files to disk.
    File->Export ...  - Export a catalog file.

File->Open Recent    -  Displays a list of recently opened  files to choose from.

  File->Close (Ctrl+L) - Close a catalog file.

  File->Exit (Ctrl+Q) Exit the application.

Compilation Catalog Program

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