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Compilation Catalog Program.

1. Introduction.

CompiCat is an application for editing and compiling catalogs of earthquakes, which is essential part of any study of seismic activity. The application combines the features of EdCat and Catal console applications developed in the early 1980ies (the latest versions of these programs were distributed at the Abdus Salam ICTP Workshops on Nonlinear Dynamics and Earthquake Prediction, last time in 2005 http://cdsagenda5.ictp.trieste.it/full_display.php?ida=a04209 ). 

CompiCat program is a C++ code using Qt C++ tool kit for multiplatform Graphic User Interface and application development. It has single-source portability across Linux, UNIX, and Windows.

CompiCat program was designed for reproducible studies of seismic activity based on catalogs of earthquakes. It could be applied for

-         importing catalogs available in different formats and converting them into the standard one;

-         exporting catalogs into commonly used formats;

-         selection from a given catalog;

-         comparison of catalogs;

-         editing and compilation of earthquake catalogs, which includes check for errors and disorder;

-         converting of magnitudes of different kinds into the common one;

-         identification of duplicates and their removal;

-         merging several catalogs into a single one;

-         calculation and visualization of spectrograms and histograms of  a given catalog, etc..

Thus, CompiCat provides a tool-box that allows preparing the catalog of earthquakes in the standard format without evident errors or disorder.

CompiCat supplies users with online help in three levels of detail. Its project wizard allows users to create a project file as a sequence of operations on seismic catalogs for future implementations, e.g., for reproduction of the analysis by other parties.

CompiCat allows writing down a protocol, which contains information on all corrections of errors, identified duplicates, parameters used in different operations, etc.

Running CompiCat results creation and output of the following optional files: output catalog of earthquakes, the project binary file, and the protocol text file.

Compilation Catalog Program.

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