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Compilation Catalog Program

8.2 Project Wizard.

The project wizard allows the user to define a project file as a sequence of catalog operations for implementation in the future. Its window appears when the user generates a new project (e.g., by clicking button  ) or opens for editing an existing project file (e.g., by clicking   ). An example of Project wizard window for the existing project file is given below.

 The window consists of the two frames - Initial Catalog and Parameters of Tasks - on the top and a larger Tasks frame below.
To change Initial Catalog for different one Browse computer directories and select a csf formatted catalog.
The Parameters of Tasks could be set either to Default values or to Currently defined ones, those in progress before Project wizard has been invoked. The Currently defined values of parameters can be obtained by opening some previously saved project file or by working out the tasks parameters anew, without reference to any project.
Tasks frame lists on the left the five Optional tasks along with Check specified ranges and Compare catalogs. low. The user defines the tasks by toggling one of the three radio buttons, adding (Add ->) a selected task to the List of Tasks, deleting (<- Del) a selected task from the List of Tasks, and by using Up and Down buttons for setting the desired order of tasks.

Reset button removes all the changes made after invoking Project wizard. Project button reloads the initial project parameters. Default button sets default project parameters. In case of a new project, clicking any of the three buttons would lead to the same (Default) values.
Clicking Next-> button invokes one by one, from the first to the last, the current task tool window for setting the desired parameters. (For details of the tools see the appropriate chapter in 7. Tools.) At any moment of time the user can return to the previous task tool window by clicking <-Back button or exit Project wizard without changes by clicking Cancel button. After setting the last task parameters click Finish button (i) to complete formation of the project, (ii) to close Project wizard, and (iii) to put the brief info into the project frame of the CompiCat main window.
After formation of the project the user can execute the project by clicking button and save (i) the project file by clicking , (ii) project output catalog by clicking , (iii) project protocol by clicking , etc.


Compilation Catalog Program

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