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Compilation Catalog Program

9. Protocol of CompiCat session.

Each time CompiCat opens an initial catalog or a project a new session opens. For each session CompiCat generates the protocol, i.e., the comprehensive info about all tasks performed. The protocol has the three pages associated with tabs of the protocol frame. Specifically, Massages page that contains info about project (if any), input-output catalogs, tools and their parameters and Corrections page that contains info about editing, details on tasks and tools, and their applications. The third page of the protocol frame contains temporary info on Errors to be fixed, which corrections when made appear in Corrections page.



 The user can manage the  protocol by invoking the following buttons:

  -  preview protocol ( menu Options->Preview Protocol ; keyboard shortcut Shift+P ) - opens text editor window with the content of Messages and Corrections; click button to save protocol as an ASCII text file.
  -  save the protocol as an ASCII text file ( menu Options->Save Protocol ; keyboard shortcut Shift+S )
  -  save the protocol as an ASCII text file under a new name ( menu Options->Save Protocol As... )

The standard extension name for protocol ASCII text file is *.protocol added automatically.

Compilation Catalog Program

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