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Compilation Catalog Program

5.6 The Tools Menu.

The keyboard shortcut is   (Alt+T). The following functions are available from the Tools menu:

 Tool->Check order ( Alt+K) - Check sorting oder.
  Tool->Sort by time (Alt+I) - Sort catalog records by ascending time.

Tool->Convert magnitudes (Alt+N) - Convert magnitudes to common type.
Tool->Remove duplicates (Alt+D) - Check and remove duplicate records.
Tool->Select (Alt+S) - Select subcatalog.
Tool->Merge (Alt+M) - Merge catalogs .
Tool->Substitute (Alt+U) - Substitute parts of the initial catalog.

Tool->Check range (Alt+C) - Check range of parameters.
Tool->Compare catalogs (Alt+L) - Compare two catalogs.

  Tool->Draw histograms (Alt+G) -  Draw histograms.

Compilation Catalog Program

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