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Compilation Catalog Program

7.4 Merge catalogs.

Catalog compilation may require merging data from different source catalogs. CompiCat allows the user to merge the records of the catalog in work (called Initial) with those from a number of additional source catalogs. When being merged into Initial catalog the Catalog add-ins pass through automatic identification and removal of duplicates according to the user defined choice of Proximity limits.

To open the window for duplicate removal (Merge catalogs) click button

If Catalog add-ins list is empty or its content would not be used in merge, click Browse button, browse the directories on your computer for the catalog add-ins to Initial catalog and open one or several of them in any order. To add one by one more add-ins to the existing Catalog add-ins list from any directory use Insert button. Other buttons - Delete, Down, Up - permit to manage the list. Note that the order of the add-ins defines the priority in automatic duplicate removal during the catalog merge: the higher is the file position in the list  the higher priority has its record in duplicate removal.


The content of Proximity limits tab window of Merge catalogs tool is the same as of Remove duplicates.

Note that Merge catalogs tool PERFORMS AUTOMATIC removal of duplicates. For a finer identification of duplicates the user may wish, first, to make merge with extremely restrictive Proximity limits, then process the result with Remove duplicates tool .

The button Apply confirms the choice from the Catalogs and Proximity limits tabs and runs merge procedure. To rerun merge anew without saving the current results the user can change some of the Tool parameters and click the button Apply.
The button OK is used to accept all the results of the Tool.
The button Cancel is used to cancel all the actions performed by the Tool earlier and closes its window.
By clicking the Default button the user sets the default values of the Tool. By clicking the Reset button the user can remove all the changes introduced after entering the Tool window. (Note that Reset button during the first usage of the Tool is equivalent to the default values.)

Compilation Catalog Program

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