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Compilation Catalog Program

7.3 Select subcatalog.

Working with the entire catalog, a large or humongous one, in particular, may appear inconvenient and/or time consuming. CompiCat allows the user to make searches from a given catalog and to create its subcatalog(s). The program may perform different kinds of selection of earthquakes by time, record number, geographic location, depth, magnitudes (or their linear function), and intensity. To open the window for subcatalog search (Select subcatalog) click button . The window has the four tabs.  To activate searches by parameters listed in the tab, the user must check on the box in its upper leftmost corner.

The Tab By date or number allows the user to set the limits either for the time period or for the segment of consecutive record numbers by checking the appropriate radio button.

The Tab Hypocenter allows the user to set the location limits. There are several options each associated with a choice of the three radio buttons and/or interval of depths. The Rectangle, Circle, and Depth sections are rather self-explanatory and fool-tolerant, while the Polygon one needs a few explanations.
CompiCat can select earthquakes with epicenter coordinates inside any simply connected polygon, which vertices must be listed in the clockwise order. Click Set Vertices button to open Set Polygon Vertices window.


The user has the two options to enter the poligon coordinates - either by typing them in the frame table or by importing them from a specially arranged file. In the second case, the user has to click Import button and browse for a file. The file must contain lines with space delimeted latinude (first) and longitude (second) as well as some empty lines or comments (a comment line must start with Number Sign, #). The extention of such an ASCII file should be .txt.

Check on Polygon crosses 180, if the vertices are located on both sides of the 180 meridian and fill in the desired coordinates of the polygon vertices. If needed, select any row then invoke the context menu by clicking the right mouse button on the selected row

and complete insertion or deletion.   (The user can also use the standard hot keys Del to delete a row and Ctrl+I to insert one.)

The Tab Magnitude allows the user to set the limits either for any set of checked magnitudes or for the the common magnitude range by checking either Range or Common magnitude radio button. (For details on definition of the common magnitude, see 7.1 Convert magnitudes.)

The Tab Intensity allows the user to set the limits on the reported intensity of an earthquake.
The button Apply confirms the choice of parameters from all activated Select subcatalog tabs and runs the requested search.
The button OK accepts all the results of the Tool. To rerun Select subcatalog anew without saving the current results the user can change some of the Tool parameters and click the button Apply.
The button Cancel is used to cancel all the actions performed by the Tool earlier and closes the window.
By clicking the Default button the user sets the default values of the Tool. By clicking the Reset button the user can remove all the changes introduced after entering the Tool window. (Note that Reset button during the first usage of the Tool is equivalent to the default values.)
Compilation Catalog Program

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