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V. Help Browser.

     Online Help is provided by a help browser.  Ecp programs have  a "Content" entry in the Mane Window Help menu and help buttons in other dialog windows. Click "Content"  entry of  Windows Help menu ( keyboard button -  F1 ) to open HTML based program manual.

    Menu entries and tool bar
    View menu:
 View->Print  (Cntrl P)    - print current HTML page.
 View->Zoom in (Cntrl++) -  Increase the display font size.
 View->Zoom in (Cntrl+-)  -  Decrease the display font size
 View->Exit (Ctrl+Q) Exit the application.
    Go menu:
Go->Backward (Alt + Left Arrow)  - Go back one page.
Go->Forward  (Alt + Right Arrow)  - Go forward one page.
Go->Home (Alt + Home) - Go program contents page.
   Help menu:
Help->About                          -  Displays a simple message box about  Help Browser program.
Help->About Qt                     -  Displays a simple message box about  Qt C++ tool kit.
    Bookmarks menu:
Bookmakrks->Add Bookmark (Cntrl++A) - Add Bookmark.
Bookmakrks->Manage Bookmarks ... (Cntrl++M)   - Manage Bookmarks.
List of chosen bookmarks.
  Manage Bookmarks:
Click this menu item to manage bookmarks and following the dialog window will appear:

Click Up, Down buttons to change the position of bookmarks. Click Del button to remove one, click Del All to cleare bookmarks list.

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