Photo Gallery

Mexico City, MEXICO

Executives of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (2015-2019):

Together with Carlos Slim attending the IUGG reception at the Colegio Nacional

Margarita Cocktail (tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice)

served with salt on the rim of the glass)


Elected officers of the International Science Council (2018-2021):

Jinghai Li, Daya Reddy, Renee van Kessel, Elisa Reis, Peter Gluckman,

and Alik Ismail-Zadeh, as the first Secretary of Council

(Photo: Simon Cassanas, July 2018)

Above: My speech at the inaugural General Assembly of the International Science Council

Left: togehter with Walter Munk (oceanographer and geophysicist, 101 y.o.)

Right: together with Ismail Serageldin (Founding Director of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina)

(Maison des Oceans, Paris, July 2018)


Volga River, Plyos, June 2018

Hawaii, USA

Paradise Cove Luau, Kapolei, June 2018


Al-Khazneh (The Treasury), Petra, November 2017

Republic of China (Taiwan)

At the ICSU General Assembly, Taipei, October 2017


Together with Roald Sagdeev, former Science Advisor to President Michael Gorbachev (right),

his female PhD student and my son David (left). Background: the bas-relief of Lev Landau,

Nobel Prize winner in Physics, who lived in the house), Baku, September 2017


UNISDR Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction, Cancun, May 2017

With Jaime U. Fucugauchi (left), President of the Mexican Academy of Sciences, and Xyoli P. Compos,

Director of the Seismological Survey of Mexico, El Colegio Nacional, Mexico City, May 2017


UNESCO, Paris, February 2017


At poster session of the AGU Fall Meeting with V. Kossobokov (left), L. Jones, and R. Singh, San Francisco, 2016

Czech Republic

At the Opening Ceremony Reception with IUGG President Harsh Gupta (right), LOC Chair Vladimir Cermak (left),

and with actors, 26th IUGG General Assembly, Prague, 2015

After the GeoRisk Commission meeting with colleagues and friends, 26th IUGG General Assembly, Prague, 2015

New Zealand

I introduced Andrew Mackintosh (IACS SG, left) to RH John Key (New Zealand Prime Minister,

in the middle) and Yuan-Tseh Lee (ICSU President, Nobel Prize in Chemistry, right),

31st ICSU General Assembly, Auckland, 2014


Together with M. Lomonosov, Arkhangelsk, 2014


Cancun, 2013


With family, Antalya, 2012


With Jean-Louis Le Mouel of IPG Paris at a dinner, Bacau, 2012

Saudi Arabia

With Dr. Al Bassam of King Saud University, El Riyadh, 2012


A joint party on the occasion of Sonya's and my birthdays, with relatives and friends, Baden-Baden, 2011


My 50th birthday, with colleagues, Rome, 2011


After the ENHANS symposium with speakers, 25th IUGG General Assembly, Melbourne, 2011


CTBTO Science & Technology Conference, Vienna, 2011

South Africa

ENHANS field trip to the Tswaing impact crater, Pretoria, 2011

At the ENHANS dinner, Pretoria, 2011


The Great Wall of China, with Sonya and David, 2010


Pyramid of Khafre and the Sphinx, near Cairo, 2010


EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF), Torino, 2010

South Africa

Cape of Good Hope, 2009


Award Ceremony, the AGU Joint Meeting, Toronto, May 2009

Niagara Falls, near Toronto, May 2009


Near Nobel Peace Centre, Olso, 2008


At the ICSU General Assembly with Tom Beer (IUGG President, left) and Harsh Gupta (IUGG Vice President, right), Maputo, 2008


Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, Kiev, 2008


Lido, Champs-Elysees, Paris, 2007


With a baby elephant, Bangkok, 2006


Mosque in Islamabad, 2006


BMW motorcycle, ESOF, Munich, 2006


Kyoto, 2007

Tokyo, 2005 (with S. Honda)

Fuji Mountain, 2005

Sapporo, 2003


With colleagues at the IUGG GeoRisk Commission conference, Hyderabad, 2004


With my PhD student Dmitry Krupsky at the Euroscience Open Forum, Stockholm, 2004

Italy, ICTP Workshop in Trieste, 2003

Lecturing at the workshop

Together with Vladimir I. Keilis-Borok, my teacher and adviser

With seimologists Keiiti Aki (Japan-USA) and Giuliano Panza (Italy)

United States of America

I organized a Session on Computational Geodynamics at MIT, Cambridge, 2005

MIT, Cambridge, 2003

Boston, USA, 2003


German-Swiss workshop on Numerical Modeling in Geodynamics, ETH, Zurich, 2002

We are in Germany / Wir sind in Deutschland

Happy family, October, 2002

Reception in the official residence of the Federal President of Germany, Berlin, June 15, 2001

Sonya Salman (left) and Mrs. Rau (right), spouse of the Federal President of Germany

Berlin, June 15, 2001

Koeln Cathedral, August 20, 2001

S. Salman and Dr. M. Osten, Secretary General of the AvH Foundation, play SCHUBERT, Bonn, August 21, 2001

Reichstag in Berlin, August 22, 2001

We are in Alps

French Alps / Francais Alpes, June, 2001

German Alps / Deutsche Alpen, August, 2001

Beautiful EUROPE

Trinity College, University of Cambridge, England, May, 2000

London, England, July, 2000

Moscow, Russia, January 2000

Uppsala University, Sweden, October, 1998

Venice, Italy, September, 1995

Academician Andrei Sakharov (nuclear physicist and Nobel Peace Prize winner) and

PhD student Alik Ismail-Zadeh, Sankt Petersburg, USSR, October 1988