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The Menu Entries Filtering by FTAN  program

The Help Menu Entries.

The keyboard shortcut is   (Alt+H). The following functions are available from the Help menu:
Help->Content    (F1)
Help->About                          -  Displays a simple message box about ftan program.
Help->About Qt                     -  Displays a simple message box about  Qt C++ toolkit.
Help->What´s This   (Shift + F1)

Ftan program  provides online-help, with three levels of detail:

1.Tool Tips and Status Tips.
 Tool Tips is extremely brief help, that appears when cursor is hanging over a toolbar button for a certain period of time. Tool Tips are presented with black text on a yelow background.  Status Tips are also a short piece of descriptive text, a little longer then a tooltip. When the mouse hangs over a toolbar buton, a status tip appears in the Status bar.

2.What's This?  provides a single window with an explanatory text that pops up when the user asks "What's this?" When you push button or push keyboard buttons  (Shift + F1) the cursor changed to   and you can click on any toolbar button to obtain its help text.

3.Online Help is provided by a help browser.  Ftan program have  a "Content" entry in the Mane Window Help menu and help buttons in Central Area of Main Window (In Tab and Out Tab .) Click "Content"  entry of Windows Help menu (keboard button -  F1) to open ftan HTML-based program manual.

The Menu Entries Filtering by FTAN  program

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