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Exercise 13. A few other options of CompiCat

The previous exercises were given to assist in learning the basics of CompiCat program. In a brief introductory exercises it is not possible to provide a comprehensive demonstration of all the other options of CompiCat tools. In the tasks below some helpful options are considered.

Task 1. Import options.
Click Import button. Browse directory ../ecp/Import and screen the files in this directory from the top to the bottom: These files have been retrieved from site links listed in Appendix B. The dirctory ../ecp/ref contains description of all these formats.

Task 2. Export options.
CompiCat allows exporting catalogs in the three formats: (i) 20 bytes - Standard Binary Format , (ii) 41 bytes - Standard Text Format, and (iii) 68 bytes - Standard Wide Text Format. The first two formats are used in the console applications developed at MITP. Open a small file in the standard csf format from ../ecp/exercises , toggle Export button, and export the file into each of the three formats one by one. View the two files exported as ASCII.

Task 3. Help offline Manual.
Run Windows explorer. Browse dirctory ../ecp/doc and open mainindex.html file. Please, scroll the program Manual.
Visit the MITPAN web site ( http://www.mitp.ru/ ). Click Software on the left, then Eartquake Catalog Processing to find the CompiCat manual ( http://www.mitp.ru/soft/ecp/doc/mainindex.html ).

Task 4. Help online.
Click Content entry of Help menu (keyboard hot-key F1) to open the program Manual. Invoke any of the CompiCat task toolsand click Help. button. See details in 10. Help online .

Task 5. Help Browser.
Click Content entry of Help menu. Please, scroll the program Manual and make bookmarks of some pages for further reference. Try Manage bookmarks option described in 5. Help Browser


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