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Exercise 6. Merging catalogs

CompiCat allows the user to merge together different catalogs from different sources, which is a routine practice when dealing with a number of regional and local seismographic networks that record and report seismic events from the region of interest. CompiCat makes use of duplicate identification algorithm described in 7.4 Merge catalogs.

Task: Merge the three catalogs: ex6initial.csf, ex6addWeekly.csf, and ex6addQuick.csf. Use the following proximity limits: time = 60 sec, latitude = longitude = 0.25, depth = 10, and no limit on magnitude difference.

1) Run CompiCat: Open the file ...\ecp\exercises\ex6initial.csf.

2) Click Merge button in the vertical Tools bar on the left. Open Proximity limits tab and set the requested limits of time, latitude, longitude, and depth and check off the four boxes of Common magnitude block.

3) Return to Catalogs tab and open the two add-ins requested (i.e., ex6addWeekly.csf and ex6addQuick.csf). Browse for the first one and Insert the second. (Note that, since the two files are in the same directory, it is possible to open simultaneously both of them.)

Click Apply.

4) Click OK button and save the resulting merged catalog as ex6merged.csf in the ...\work directory.


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