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Compilation Catalog Program

Appendix A. The ECP standard formats for earthquake data, program project, and protocol.

1. Earthquake catalog format.
    The standard format specifies:
-    the origin time, i.e., year, month, day, hour, minute, and second with the accuracy of one hundredth,
-    the latitude and longitude in degrees with the accuracy of one thousandth,
-    the depth in km with the accuracy of one tenth,
-    the four magnitudes (presumably mb, ms, m1, m2) with the accuracy of one hundredth, and
-    the macroseismic intensity (presumably, Modified Mercalli Intensity; 0 – no data, 1-12).

See the specification of the standard format  in The CSF format.

 CompiCat program supports the Gregorian calendar. This calendar was adopted by England from September 14, 1752. The valid year range is [0, 8000]. The standard ranges of other parameters are as follows - latitude [-90, 90], longitude [-180, 180], depth [-10, 999], magnitudes [-10, 10], intensity [0, 12].
CompiCat program checks the ranges of parameters each time you edit catalog and set parameters for catalog operations. Therefore, you cannot type in the value which is outside the standard range.
2. Project format.
    CompiCat program creates the binary project file to be used for a repetition of the compiled catalog in the future. See Managing Projects.

3. Protocol file of a session.
    CompiCat program creates automatically the protocol file, which lists information about every step and decision you make when compiling the catalog. See Protocol of CompiCat session.
    Earthquake catalogs (in the MITP standard format) and CompiCat project files are binary files of encoded information, which is compatible with the package running under MS Windows, and LINUX. Thus, for example, a catalog compiled on a PC under MS Windows can be used for further runs of the package installed on a PC under LINUX. CompiCat project files are compatible with the package running under UNIX (e.g. a Sun SPARC under Solaris ).

Compilation Catalog Program

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