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Compilation Catalog Program

6. Catalog editor.

CompiCat allows the user to edit many-item selections of earthquake catalog entries displayed in Catalog frame (see   4.2.1.Catalog Frame ).  Fore example, to change a single value in a cell double click it and enter a new value. The edited values are given in blue, while those recognized as errors are marked in red. The user cannot enter erroneous values of parameters.

When changing view segment of the catalog CompiCat will suggest saving the changes, if any. The user may save the current changes or cancel them any time by clicking   or , respectively (which buttons are located to the right of Catalog frame).

The key-bindings and buttons which are implemented for editing are as follows:
Cut the current selection to the clipboard (menu Edit->Cut or keyboard shortcut Ctrl+X);
Copy the current selection to the clipboard (menu Edit->Copy or  keyboard shortcut Ctrl+C);
Paste from the clipboard into the current selection (menu Edit->Paste or  keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V);
         Note: The copy (cut) and paste areas must be of the same size and refer to the same kinds of parameters;
Delete the current selection (menu Edit->Delete or  keyboard shortcut Del);
         Note: many-item selections can be deleted at once.
- Insert row before the selected row (menu Edit->Insert row or  keyboard shortcut Ctrl+I).. 
         Note: a single row can be inserted before selected row and will appear as a copy of selected one;
Undo edit action (menu Edit->Undo or  keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Z.
Redo edit action (menu Edit->Redo or  keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Y.
         Undo-redo buffer is unlimited. All corrections made is written into Corrections of protocol (see  9. Protocol of CompiCat session.).

Compilation Catalog Program

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