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Compilation Catalog Program

7.7 Check specified ranges.

Catalogs may have records that were put in by mistake from irrelevant sources or are erroneous though their parameters being quite acceptable. CompiCat allows the user to search for the records that fall outside the user defined ranges of the parameters and, if needed, to correct those that appear the first records (with up to 200 misfits).
To open the window for checking the specified ranges (Check ranges) click button


If needed, change any content of the boxes for the preferred limits.
The button Apply confirms the choice of the ranges and runs Check ranges procedure. To rerun Check ranges anew without saving the current results the user can change some of the Tool parameters and click the button Apply again. The statistics of the run, i.e., the total number of misfits of the ranges along with the number of the corresponding records,  appear on top progress bar.
To accept the results of the Tool click OK. The tool completes Check ranges procedure with (i) the report to Messages tab page the list of user defined ranges and the total number of misfits of the ranges along with the number of the corresponding records and (ii) the listing in Errors tab page of the references to the first records with misfits (up to 200 misfits, 25 by default). To change the number of misfits to report use Options->Error page size (see 5.7 Option menu ).

To correct the records with misfits follow instructions described in 4.2.3 Protocol frame.
The button Cancel is used to cancel all the actions performed by the Tool earlier and closes its window.
By clicking the Default button the user sets the default values of the Tool. By clicking the Reset button the user can remove all the changes introduced after entering the Tool window. (Note that Reset button during the first usage of the Tool is equivalent to the default values.)
Compilation Catalog Program

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