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Compilation Catalog Program

2. Catalog formats and import/export options.

CompiCat program works with catalogs of earthquakes filed in the standard format that specifies the origin time, location, and magnitude of event (see Appendix A).

The ASCII text formats of the original seismic data reported by the US Advanced National Seismic System, the USGS/NEIC Preliminary Determinations of Epicenters, the Northern California Earthquake Data Center, the Southern California Seismographic Network, and other agencies (see Appendix B) are supported for importing research information. The supported formats are listed in a special file, which could be upgraded according to the instructions provided in Appendix B.

CompiCat program allows importing catalogs in the following way:

Click Import   button in the uppermost tool bar or Import  entry of File menu to open the import catalog browser.


Find and select file for import from the list that appear in the upper left frame. CompiCat tries recognizing the catalog format automatically and reports in Preview frame either the first three records of the catalog or ' Error format ' message. Note that (i) errors of the imported catalog, if any, will appear in Errors page of protocol frame ( see 4.2.3  Protocol Frame ) and can be corrected ( for details see  6. Catalog editor ); (ii) catalogs with detectable errors cannot be transferred into the standard format (csf files).

To simplify import CompiCat program allows classifying catalog files by their type. The following extensions listed in Files of type box are used in the import browser:

When recognizing the catalog format automatically CompiCat uses format description block listed in ASCII text file named .../ecp/ref/standardformat.list and displays one of the following TITLE strings in Format box:

Text files with descriptions of formats of imported catalogs are in a directory <Install Directory>/ecp/ref .
Examples of of imported catalogs are in a directory <Install Directory>/ecp/Import .

   CompiCat program outputs the compiled catalog of earthquakes in the standard binary format. If requested, the program exports the compiled catalog either in the 20 bytes - Standard Binary Format , or 41 bytes - Standard Text Format, or 68 bytes - Standard Wide Text Format, as well as writes down User defined TEXT output. (The first two formats were used previously in the console applications developed at MITP, which applications require "dat" as the file name extension.)

   To export the catalog toggle on Export    button and select an appropriate format.

   At this point CompiCat opens Save file browser that allow the user to save the catalog under any name. CompiCat manages file name extension name automatically, specifically, if for the 20 and 41 bytes formatted files the extension is ".dat", while for the 68 bytes formatted files the extension is ".68bytes".

   The user has to make a choice of the output by marking check boxes in Output frame. Note: the order of checking that appears in the frame defines the order of columns in the output. To save output file the user has to Browse directories, select an existing or type a new file name, then push OK.

   User defined TEXT output file has ".txt"extension.
Compilation Catalog Program

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