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Compilation Catalog Program

3. Quick start

There are the four possibilities to start CompiCat session. All but the four buttons listed bellow are disabled when the user enters the program.

1.   Open an existing file in the internal binary Catalog Standard Format (file name extension .csf) with file navigator


2.  - Generate a new project


See details 8.2 Project Wizard

3. -
Open an existing project (file name extension .pro) with file navigator

4.   - Import a catalog with file navigator


When the user selects file for import, the program tries to recognize the appropriate format automatically. If the program cannot do it then Preview box will report ' Error format '. Otherwise, the first three records of the catalog will appear in Preview ( for details see 2. Catalog formats and import/export options ).
If imported catalog contains errors, e.g., records of parameters out of range or sorting disorder, then these will appear in Errors page of the protocol frame  ( see 4.2.3  Protocol Frame for the list of errors ). The user must correct all errors (see details in  6. Catalog editor ).

After starting a CompiCat session the user can execute either the project or any of the catalog Tools  (see 7. Tools ). The user can save current catalog or project or protocol files at any time of a session by clicking the following buttons:

  - Save the current catalog file;

  - Save the current catalog file under a new name;

  - Save the project file;

   - Save the project file under a new name.

  -  Save the protocol file;     

  -  Save the protocol file under a new name.

CompiCat will prompt the user about saving output files on exit. Catalog files  have standard extension *.csf ,  project files have standard extension *.pro,  protocol files have standard extension *.protocol. All these extensions are added to the filename automatically. 

The user can export the current catalog t any time of a session by clicking Export button  . ( For details of export formats see 2. Catalog formats and import/export options).

CompiCat  remembers the last saved settings (i.e., sizes and positions of windows and some other options) across sessions. For details see Appendix C.

Compilation Catalog Program

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